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Season 4, Episode 9November 19, 1995Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) fouls out as Martin's assistant until he lands Charles Barkley as a guest on his friend's show.

If not might I suggest you find a nice comfy lumbar-supporting transcendental meditation cushion and commence to sitting your ass all the way the hell down because I’m about to drop a truth bomb on your said seated asses. Martin’s inability to stick up for his woman and stand up to his enabling mamma is just another reason why Martin Payne was the weakest link of his own show. They say hate is the other side of love so it was quite possible all of that hate came from a latent desire to smash because I mean, come on… but alas viewers were left with episode after episode of a Black man berating and ridiculing a Black woman in much the same way the world does and other than that one time he called Pam “Ripley’s Be-Weave-It-Or-Not” I didn’t laugh once.

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No woman wants to feel like she’s forcing a marriage on a man unready to commit. Lest we all forget, Pam was Gina’s best friend, and Martin was projecting his own racial self-hatred onto his girlfriend’s best friend every episode.

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