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In comparison, 96 percent of men claimed they would be fine with dating a woman who earned more than they did.

If you do score a first date, you probably should consider picking up the bill, guys.

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Of course, if you are still somehow convinced that women are paid less than men for the same work, perhaps you can look at the demand that men pick up the tab or be the breadwinner in a relationship as a form of corrective justice.

51%2 to 3 dates 32%4 to 6 dates 7%More than 6 dates 2%A man should always pay for me. 6%2 to 3 dates 36%4 to 5 dates 28%6 to 10 dates 21%As many as it takes to get married.

10% Yes 35% No 65% Yes 58% No 42% Clean shaven 47%Stubble 45%Full beard 8% Yes 75%No 25% Yes 69%No 31% I offer on the first date.

I totally understand the anime and Pokemon Go, but in all fairness, Windows computers aren't all that bad.

Anyway, when you add two and two together, you can kinda picture the type of man women swipe left on. Turns out everyone's favorite watery hipster brew just does something to the ladies. Another thing that makes women swipe right are men who love superfoods, like kale and goji berries, or something.

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