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However, You should always customize the validation error messages.

If you imagine form as a dialog between your website and your user, the messages play an important role.

Iman FM, a community radio station broadcasting to the Muslim community in Sheffield, said that it had broadcast a series of pre-recorded lectures by al-Awlaki during Ramadan.

Ofcom concluded that they had "serious concerns" about Iman FM's decision to give a platform to a "widely-known terrorist leader an al-Qaeda recruiter".

Refer to documentation for more information on it's validation methods and how to extend it.

I have 2 forms validating from the same model, so its kind of a multi part form. The second form validates alright too except for the Radio Buttons, they are ignored and the validator passes when they are not selected.

There are a few determining factors that can help with lowering rates or lengthening campaigns.

The regulators concluded that parts of al-Awlaki's lectures amounted to a "direct call to action to members of the Muslim community to prepare for and carry out violent action against non-Muslim people".

Generally we will do our best to give our clients maximum value for money within the budget that we are given.Using a library to do form validation can save lots of your development time. j Query Form validation library is the most popular validation library.This post collects all my notes and references on j Query Form validation library.I have text fields in the form also and they validate fine.The 'sometimes' part might make it so that if you do not select anything, it treats it as not required?

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I have created this generic function to check if a value of a radio button field has been selected. Our editors put together this complimentary 19-page guide on everything you need to know about obtaining an IT certification—with special attention given to cloud and desktop certifications.

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