Taylor lautner dating selena gomez 2016

6 on the Billboard charts and served as the lead track for her thrice Platinum-selling self-titled debut album, released in 2006.Swift gradually shifted her sound from country to pop and released four more albums — Fearless in 2008, Speak Now in 2010, Red in 20 in 2014.

En 2013, Selena sort son premier album solo, Stars Dance, dont est extrait Come & Get It.

He showed off his hot body in a wet white t-shirt in the video. : @christophertitone,” he captioned the video, which was shot by his actor friend Chris Titone.

Wait, weren't we just hearing about how ~in love~ these two were??

Taylor recently took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain and shared a photo with a friend in front of the Hall of Justice.

We would love to see Taylor play a super hero in a DC Comics movie!

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