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Brain tissue from an unaffected person (left), an American football player (center), and a world champion boxer with severe dementia.The brown areas are tau protein deposits, which are linked to head trauma and concussions.

Also called the "inverted French braid" or "double Dutch braid," you can easily master this style with a bit of practice. Check out this You Tube tutorial, and you'll be strolling to yoga in boxer braids on no time. Leigh is the senior yoga & fitness editor at mindbodygreen.

Some concussions you can spot from the stands (the football player lying motionless on the field); others will be hidden (the soccer star jogging slowly to the bench).

Brain scientists want to understand the differences among the types and intensities of impacts on athletes.

How lucky for you that Boxers are fantastic family dogs!

If so, you probably signed a contract at the time you adopted your Boxer that stipulated the dog must be returned to them if you decide to no longer keep him or her for any reason.

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If so, have you contacted that rescue organization?

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