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See full summary » In his signature black turtleneck and blue jeans, shrouded in shadows below a milky apple, Steve Jobs' image was ubiquitous. What accounted for the grief of so many across the world when he died?From Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, 'Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine' is a critical examination of Jobs who was at once revered as an iconoclastic genius and a barbed-tongued tyrant.Still, the film lays out the evidence that even friends and lovers frequently deemed Jobs an “asshole.” It’s impossible for a film to answer an existential question that remains something of an imponderable.

Above all else, however, “The Man in the Machine” explores the way Jobs reversed uncertainties surrounding technological communication by imbuing his products with an intimate allure.

A candid look at Jobs' legacy featuring interviews with a handful of those close to him at different stages in his life, the film is evocative and nuanced in capturing the essence of the Apple legend and his values which shape the culture of Silicon Valley to this day.

Apple senior executive Eddy Cue was quick to express his disappointment in this documentary, describing the film on Twitter as "an inaccurate and mean-spirited view of my friend" and "not a reflection of the Steve I knew." See more » This documentary deserves 9 stars because it is the best doc/feature we've seen thus far in it's delivery of the factual events of Steve Job's life and the scope in which it does so.

This is the best doc/feature we've had in the last 4 years since his passing in terms of delivering a full account of all the man's most notable works and his own personal life.

CUPERTINO, California — October 4, 2006 — Apple® today announced that the special committee of its board of directors has reported its findings after a three month investigation into Apple’s stock option practices.

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