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You can even charge your batteries during playback when using Display Port and HDMI adaptors.

-enabled devices are fully compatible with the widely used Display Port™ standard, and the proposed Mobility Display Port (My DP) standard.

We ranked medal performance by the size of each country's population and by its economic output, or GDP.

(Our data covers medals won through Sunday.)The first chart above shows medals per 10 million people.

Norway tops the list with 27.9 medals, followed by Slovenia with 24.3 and Latvia with 14.8 (these numbers are higher than the countries' actual medal counts because their populations are lower than 10 million).

The Netherlands takes fourth place (10.1) with Sweden in fifth (9.5).

Just don’t forget to look up from your phone every now and then whilst strolling around the quaint capital of Slovenia, by all objective measures it’s quite a pretty town, so it’d be a shame to miss it.

uses a single cable to deliver high-definition audio and video from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to a wide range of external displays, including projectors, PC monitors and HDTVs.

Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the office, simply plug in your Slim Port products offer the unique ability to connect with all the leading display types (HDMI, Display Port, DVI and VGA) over a single cable.

The local tourist office’s in-house app contains a wealth of info about the city’s sights, restaurants, shops, events and more.

The most convenient feature is being able to sort venues based on how close they are to your current position, which works with GPS even when you’re offline.

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