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Other new features include my Modes, a profile-management feature that can also integrate with location and time info.

The device also runs a customized version of HTC Sense called "HTC Sense: Expresso" created by T-Mobile.

Rooting and installing a custom ROM isn't as trivial as we would like on these phones.

This assumes that you are on a Unix-like system, and have the Android SDK installed, the adb utility in particular.

HTC delivered a premium experience, but then T-Mobile turned to LG, a lower-tiered player in the mobile market, to deliver the My Touch phones.

And now the My Touch partnership goes to Huawei, a company that's all but unknown to general consumers, and considered a hardware bottom-feeder among tech enthusiasts.

Back then, the My Touch 4G Slide offered one of the sweetest smartphone cameras and photo-taking apps available.

It debuted at 0, but featured beastly camera tech that wasn't matched on Android phones until recent arrivals such as the HTC One X, One S, Evo 4G LTE and Samsung Galaxy S III.

The T-Mobile my Touch 4G was released in Canada on the Mobilicity network as the "HTC Panache 4G" with the original, unmodified HTC Sense 2.1 user interface on top of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and with the genius key replaced with search functionality.This update is only for the first My Touch 3G, so users with the Fender My Touch, or the one with a 3.5mm headphone jack will have to wait a while before they get their Froyo on.This is one of the easiest ways to update a phone, as it requires no command line, driver installation, root, or anything else.Over the last two days, I've spent quality time with the new My Touch and My Touch Q, and can now report they're both a far cry from HTC's My Touch 4G Slide in just about every way.‪‬Huawei’s My Touch phones are now two generations behind the curve, which means newer apps might not run on the handsets, and Android usability advancements are off the table.‪T-Mobile is methodically making its way down the manufacturer food chain as it partners with hardware vendors for its My Touch line.

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