Questions to ask a church when candidating

Most posts receive numerous replies; some long some short. Want to know how to register for the Message Board? Many of those conversations and decisions should have to do with worship.Corporate worship is central to the life of the church.An online message board works like this: One person types a question, situation, or statement.Other members of the Board can read it and reply under what the previous person has written.From Leadership Journal: 29 Questions to Ask the Pulpit Committee Questions you may want to ask:1. Ask what Christian education (Sunday School, etc.) curriculum they use.5. Ask questions about the church’ s or pastor’s stand on key issues (divorce, separation, Bible versions, church discipline, etc.) Our Message Board is open to any pastor's wife who has registered.

Explore the experience of your candidate, including the positive and negative aspects of his training and previous church employment.

Realistically, what is an adequate salary for your family? You have been accredited and approved for candidating by the National Office and/or your district. Ask what kind of vote it would take for the church to call you. If an associate - ask for the senior pastor’s philosophy of ministry, etc.19.

Check real estate prices online at and cost of living guides at homebuyer's fair. Now the church simply wants to understand for themselves who you are and how you will fit into the ministry God has built in their community. Be prepared to talk about:· your conversion experience.· your call to ministry.· the affirmations of your call.· your relationship with the Holy Spirit.· your relationship to your spouse (if applicable).· your priorities in ministry.· your experiences in ministry activities. Do they have a pre-determined policy that covers these things? If an associate - ask to see a written job description. If an associate - ask how long the pastor expects to stay.20.

Let your team members share in this responsibility so you can best determine if the candidate is a good match for your church.

Your pastor's faith journey will inspire others, and some of your initial questions should let him share how he came to believe in God.

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