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You may feel that your pics at a friend’s birthday bash show you as a fun-loving guy who likes to do justice to a host’s bar, but actually those Facebook photos may be making you look more like a drunken sailor.Enough to put off anyone who may have been thinking of going out with you.Social networking is now a way of life and sites like Facebook have revolutionized the very dynamics of inter-personal relationships.Sometimes however, what gets posted on these sites may appear far from flattering to your person and character. And you’ve been so successful that you now want to propose a girl on Facebook? I know you’d been waiting for some Golden Rules of Proposing a Girl on Facebook for quite some time (if the search phrases which bring you to this website are anything to go by ;)). Today’s post is the first part of a two-part series on how to propose a girl on Facebook.

Does that mean I expect him to have had zero relationships in the past? It means I expect him to put in efforts to impress me, and he’s falling short.

No matter how many years out of high school you are, chances are that a large percentage of people from your senior class remember you, whether you were really close friends or not.

High school is sort of a piece of youth that everyone tends to cling on to to some degree as they get older.

Trying to talk to girls who you think might not remember you is worth a shot too.

The beautiful thing about sending friend requests to people from your high school is that they'll probably take a glance at your profile, see that you have a couple common friends and that you went to the same school, and accept your request without thinking much else of it.

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Meeting girls using the internet has many advantages over just waiting for a girl to walk into your life or having to say “Can I buy you a drink? If you're worried that you might have to spend money or hop immediately into a commitment with someone you barely know, think again.

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