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The debt comparison table shows which unsecured debts bankruptcy will cover.

A secured debt is tied to specific property, like a house.

As part of this process, it could mean working alongside our trusted financing partners, who may be able to assist in providing much needed funding, in order to move your business to the right place.

For those facing more severe financial difficulties, a formal insolvency procedure may be the only way forward; however, whatever the solution, rest assured that we will deal with this in a quick, efficient, empathetic and professional manner.

Time here is key, as the earlier advice is taken, the more options will be available.

Our team will guide you through this process, agreeing a basis of working with you to provide the necessary support and guidance at each stage.

Bankruptcy covers most unsecured debts, such as: This means you are still liable for these debts.

The law classifies liquidations into two types: voluntary (which is by a shareholders' resolution) or compulsory (by a court order).

Liquidation (or "winding up") is a process by which a company's existence is brought to an end.

First, a liquidator is appointed, either by the shareholders or the court.

The creditor has the right to take possession of your property if you don’t make the payments.

If this occurs you must assist with this recovery action.

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